Nitrico Goop Pond Bacteria

Nitrico Goop Pond Bacteria

Nitrico Goop is a concentrated mature colony of nitrifying bacteria. Our bacterial culture is grown in a bio-secure facility and fed a synthetic replica of fish waste to ensure that no fish pathogens can be transferred.

Following 4 years of intensive research and development, we have been selling Nitrico Goop through our sister Tropical Fish site, The Tropco, since early 2022. It is a method to instantly cycle tropical aquariums without the usual ammonia and nitrite issues that would otherwise, invariably, cause issues to the new aquarium keeper.

Following an increase in production, we are now in a position to offer the product to pond keepers. Our bacterial goop can be added straight to your filter and instantly boost your nitrifying bacteria to minimise ammonia and nitrite spikes.

It is ideal when starting a new pond, boosting your filter in the spring as you start to up the feed rate or when adding more fish. It can also help to boost the filter after treating your fish as many treatments can knock the filter bacteria levels.

Due to the variables with filtration, temperature and biomass in ponds, it is not possible for us to offer instant cycle packs in the same way that we can with aquariums but, if you add enough bacteria, the pH is above 7 and the temperature is above 10 deg C. it is possible to instantly cycle any pond.

You will receive a highly concentrated bacterial goop. This is not like any other bacterial product on the market. It has a short shelf life of only a few days and should be used as soon as you receive it. The shelf life can be extended by a week if refrigerated but cannot be kept for extended periods of time.