Ramshorn Pond & Aquarium Snails

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Rams-horn snails are a wonderful addition to any freshwater aquarium or pond. Their shell is a beautiful natural, ancient shape with stunning coloration.

Snails are often overlooked but they are an essential part of any pond's ecosystem.

They clean up the environment and recycle material by feeding on algae, decaying plant leaves, dead animal material, and uneaten fish food. They are themselves eaten by larger animals, such as big fish and some aquatic birds. Plus they are also cute and fun to watch! If you don't have the space or the time to keep fish in your pond, how about having a few shelled residents.

It is advisable to keep snails away from very large fish (such as koi) which may be tempted to eat them.


  • by Tleeder

    Love noticing these little guys going about their business, nice addition and they are pretty big, like the size of a £2 coin, Mines a natural ish pond so I feel my pond would've been lacking without these lil guys :D


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