Velda Telescopic Pond Fish Net Large - Ultra Strong 46x46x180cm


SKU: 7K7
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The Velda Pond Nets are scoop nets with a long lifetime. On many occasions, a proper scoop net is indispensable for the maintenance of the pond. Easily remove leaves, twigs and dirt from the pond. Also when isolating a fish, this net is the right tool.
- Telescopic handle extends up to 180 cm
- Sturdy frame which holds the net
- Green edging is easy to see underwater
The Pond Net range consists of various kinds and sizes of scoop nets, including a telescopic handle. Nets with a round bottom are very suitable to plant fish or remove leaves from a pond. The net has been incorporated in the frame in a sturdy and invisible way, which implies that damage to the net is a thing of the past. 

46 x 46cm with telescopic handle length between 100 & 180cm.

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