10-12" Diamond Sturgeon - Acipenser Guldenstaedti

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The Diamond Sturgeon is the most popular variety of Sturgeon found in garden ponds but it is not suited to smaller ponds (where the Sterlet would be a better option) with a mature size often reaching over 4ft.

Our 10-12" Diamonds are strong broad fish with superb white coloration. They are now at a size where they should not get stuck in blanket weed and can compete with other fish for food.

We have Sturgeon Food available in our Pond Food Section of this website.


  • by Martin B

    I bought 3 of these beauties about a week ago.
    So so pleased with my purchase, they look stunning and can’t wait for them to gain a bit of size.
    They seem to have settled in well and I often see them swimming about.
    I have a large number of fish, with plenty of filtration, aeration and water movement, but they seem to be at home.
    I also purchased 12 Gudgeon and 6 Barbel but I don’t expect to see much of them as it’s a good 20x15ft home for them.


  • by David

    I got a stergeon in June 11 inches it was an believe it or not I've meseaured it today and it's showing 14 inches long and it's gone fat to for the time I've had it some one did say they grow really quickly


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