5-6" (12-15cm) Golden Tench

Price from £8.10

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1+ Items£8.45
2+ Items£8.28
4+ Items£8.10

We have a few larger Gold Tench for sale that are an amazing offer.

Tench have started to gain their beautiful deep colouration and sheen.

A worthy addition to any pond!

Go on - give them a good home! We have approximately 100 available.


  • by George M

    Received a pair of Golden Tench on Friday 31st of July. The fish look really healthy and they have settled into there new home well. Really well packaged and delivered with care!


  • by Maureen Q

    I bought 4 golden tench last year and was expecting them to be bottom dwellers which they started off being. This year they are happy to mingle with my other fish and are up quickly at feeding times. They tend to swim with the golden orfe and since they are the same colour, people assume they are smaller golden orfe! They are lovely fish and it is nice to see them swimming around and not always on the bottom of the pond.


  • by Claire C

    Amazing fish! Huge in size and comparatively cost a fraction of the price our local water garden charge. Not the most social of fish, and seem very happy hiding and swimming at the bottom of the pond. Don't surface feed so these are must be doing their job down on the bottom of the pond.


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