The Secrets of Koi Unravelled Book by Jos Aben


The is a must have hard backed book for any Koi enthusiast. - Will make a perfect gift

Koi carp expalined like never before!

249 pages

Jos Aben of Yoshikigoi has become one of the longest-serving, single owners of a Koi Farm in Europe.
Jos has been active in various forums about Koi, and also writes regular articles for high-end Koi Publications.  In addition, he gives many lectures and courses at home and abroad.
When the Koi hobby was in its infancy stages in the Netherlands, Jos specialised in the subjects of Pond Construction and Fish Disease. 
It is for this reason that he decided to record his experiences in writing, in a book that has been available in Dutch and German for a number of years and has now been released in English for the first time. 


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