NT Labs Paramedic Kit - First Aid for Injured Fish


The NT Labs Koi Care Paramedic Kit is quite simply first aid for fish.

It comprises of everything you will need to treat a wound and look after your fish when they need help.

Complete with a detailed instruction booklet you will be able to quickly diagnose a parasitic infection!s

6 Components

  • 10ml Koi Calm - A sedative to make fish easier to handle (for use with koi only)
  • 30ml Ulcer Swab - A wound cleaner and disinfectant
  • 30ml Propolis Wound Seal - An antiseptic, waterproof sealant to prevent bacteria reaching the wound
  • Pair of Gloves - To maintain hygiene during treatment
  • 10 Cotton buds - For applying topical treatment
  • Instruction Leaflet - Contains advice on how to use the products within the kit 


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