2-3" (5-10cm) Pond Filler Koi Mix *SPECIAL OFFER*

Price from £2.60

Quantity Price per Item
1+ Items£2.75
10+ Items£2.60

We are very happy to be able to now offer a superb range of Koi for 2021. Through careful selective breeding and grading the Koi that we are now able to offer are far better than ever before!

They are 2-3" long and there are many different Varieties in the mix including Sanke, Showa, Kohaku, Kujaku, Ogon, Hariwake, Shusui, Asagi, Chagoi and more. The fish will be picked at random allowing everyone to get the same chance of receiving some real stunners. We will not put anything back if it is too beautiful!


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