Small Sturgeon Variety Selection Pack

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In this selection pack, you will receive the following fish - 

1 x 8-10" Diamond Sturgeon

1 x 8-10" Stellatus (Starry) Sturgeon

1 x 8-10" Siberian Sturgeon

A great Selection Pack for anyone looking to start their Sturgeon Collection.

8-10" Diamond Sturgeon

The Diamond Sturgeon is the most popular variety of Sturgeon found in garden ponds but it is not suited to smaller ponds (where the Sterlet would be a better option) with a mature size often reaching over 4ft.

8-10" Stellatus Sturgeon

The Stellate Sturgeon is also known as Stellatus or the Starry Sturgeon, these are easily recognised as the head/nose can be upto 25% of the total length.

These are not often found in aquatic centres so will make a beautiful rare addition to any sturgeon collection.

8-10" Siberian Sturgeon

Siberian Sturgeon are one of the fastest growing varieties of sturgeon available. They very quickly become a big pressence in most ponds as they are a strong deep grey they certainly stand out.

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